What is the youngest age Swim Fin is suitable for?

SwimFin was designed for typical 2 year old and above, but we’ve received plenty of feedback from parents and teachers telling us about 18 month olds that have used SwimFin. The record for the youngest child who was able to use SwimFin unaided is fifteen months. SwimFin can also be used by adults learning to swim and individuals with special needs.

How do I make the straps smaller if my child is petite?

Please see below for further instruction. (https://swimfin.co.uk/faqs/= )

What weight can a Swimfin hold?

From approx. 15kg to 100kg OR 2.5 stone to 16 stone max weight.

Should I wear the fin on my back or can I wear it on my front too?

NEVER wear SwimFin on the front, only on the back.

What is the weight of the Swimfin?

The SwimFin in it’s packaging weighs 242g so is incredibly light.

What is the Swimfin made of?

It is made from EVA foam.